Flat Stanley’s Adventures in Liverpool, Part 2

Flat Stanley had a very busy time on his visit to Liverpool.

He started at the Pier Head where the city meets the River Mersey.

Here you can see him by the new canal in front of  The Three Graces. This is the collective name given to (from left to right) the Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building, and Port of Liverpool Building.


The Royal Liver Building has two Liver Bird statues at the top.

The Liver Bird is the symbol of Liverpool, and is thought to be a type of bird called a cormorant (although nobody really knows!). The statues are 18 feet tall and can be seen for miles around.


Legend says that if they were to ever fly away Liverpool would cease to exist.

Legend also says that the Liver Bird facing the sea is female, and is keeping a look out for the sailors, waiting for them to come home safe and well, while the other Liver Bird is male and is looking into the city to see if the pubs (bars) are open!

While he was at the Pier Head somebody said to him “You look nice and colourful, just like the Dazzle Ship.” He asked them them what the Dazzle Ship was, and they pointed him towards the docks.