Flat Stanley’s Adventures in Liverpool, Part 3

When Flat Stanley reached the docks he found the pilot ship the MV Edmund Gardner had been painted in bright colours to turn it into a ‘dazzle ship’.

Dazzle Ships were painted this way during the First World War to try to camouflage them when they were at sea. The stripes and curves create an optical illusion that make it hard for enemy submarines to see them properly and destroy them.

Can you see Flat Stanley camouflaged like the Dazzle Ship?


Flat Stanley then went to visit  Mathew Street where the famous band The Beatles first became popular.



The Beatles played at The Cavern Club in the early 1960s before winning a record deal and becoming one of the most successful and popular bands in history.


Even though The Beatles broke up in 1970 Mathew Street is still visited by tourists from around the world. They come to see the new Cavern Club, and the statue of band member John Lennon who was shot dead in New York in 1980.