Show 64 – News from nowhere

Show 64 – News from nowhere – features an interview and three songs from one of the UK’s finest radical songwriters, Leon Rosselson. This is sandwiched inside more great acoustic songs from artists across the UK.

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Rob Clarke – September

Buy the new CD Long Way North from Rob

Luke Jackson – Am I Good Enough For You
Lyrics by Paul Thomas [MySpace]

ODi – Tears and Wine
[website] [MySpace] [Bebo]
Buy the EP A Superman [website] [iTunes]

Leon Rosselson interview
[website] [MySpace]
All CDs are available to buy from Fuse Records [website]

Barney’s Epic Homer
from the CD Guess What They’re Selling At The Happiness Counter

The World Turned Upside Down
from the CD RosselSongs

Conversation On A Mobile
from the new CD A Proper State

Hannah Platt – When The Days Get Short

Boyhood Bravery – Pigeon French
[MySpace] [blog]

Matt Stevens – Dolls House
[website] [MySpace]

[Theme tune] Andrew Ellis – Blind Mary
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This show was accidentally recorded at 96 kps rather than the normal 128 kps. Apologies to the artists – it won’t happen again!

Just to add to the problems, this is a repost because the first attempt didn’t show in iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Show 64 – News from nowhere”

  1. Cracking show Graham. It really is great to hear Leon’s music and be reminded of some important issues and to be wrapped up in the fabulous harmonies.


  2. Hi Graham,

    There’s no shame in having another track from Luke in the podcast! We’ve just had him down to London for a gig and he was amazing (all the staff that wern’t there were gutted they missed it.

    Our PODCAST for the night is running a little late but will be up on the new site this week (see url).

    Let me know if you find any other little gems who want to play with us!

    Cheers mate


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