Show 91 – Grab a rock

Show 91 – Grab a rock – includes two tracks from the music download service Jamendo, one that’s been on Punky! Radio before, and one of those “It’s a small world” moments courtesy of Nickie Hart.

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The Fancy Toys – For You & Me
website] [MySpace] [facebook]
Buy the EP Gypsy Eyes [

General Union – East West Boogie
[Acoustic Union Records] [Jamendo]
Buy the album Time Of Life [here]

Cakehole Presley – Grab A Rock
[MySpace] [Sonicbids]
Buy the Cakehole Presley EP [PayPal] [iTunes]

Nickie Hart – Feeling Fine
[website] [MySpace] [facebook]
Buy the mini-album Will & Destiny [here]

Nick Cook – One Short Life
[website] [MySpace] [facebook] [Garageband] [twitter]
Download One Short Life for free [here] (zip file)
Buy the album Uncooked [CD Baby] [iTunes]
Buy the album Mistaken [CD Baby] [iTunes]

Rae Clark – Stretch
Buy the album Wee Monkey from Rae [here]

Dear Diary – Retrospect
Buy the EP Aftermath [here]

The Golden Dawn – Let The Sunshine In
[Jamendo] [MySpace] []

Windnight – Caminos
By the CD Windnight [iTunes] [HMV] [emusic]

[Theme tune] Andrew Ellis – Blind Mary
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1 thought on “Show 91 – Grab a rock”

  1. hi graham, i was blown away, yet again, by listening to the wonderful podcast produced by the horrible big brother that used to take so much delight in throwing my winnie the pooh downstairs!
    your family experience so little of your alternative identity as a frog on a pad but when i do have a think to look in and have a little nosey i'm so proud of the quality of the show that you produce and the joy that you must be bringing to so many acoustic music lovers out there.
    i loved this show which i picked at random and the first 3 tracks especially made me tap my feet and laugh out loud! i also re-listened to "the song of the shanty young sea dog" (on a different show) as i hadn't heard this for many a year….i'd totally forgotten how funny and cheesey it is!
    As i generally only interact with you within your other reality, of brother, son, uncle, etc i forget to tell you how wonderful and talented i think you are and that i am a very lucky lady to have you as my brother!
    love you loads

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