Show 93 – Now, where were we?

Show 93 – Now, where were we? – welcomes the show back after an enforced break. And to celebrate we’ve got some fantastic acoustic music from Liverpool and across the UK. Bring it on!

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John O’Connell – What A Day I’ve Had
website] [MySpace]
Buy the album The Urban Troubadour [
CD Baby mp3] [iTunes] [Urban Lunchbox]

All Things Considered – Manipulative Perspectives
[website] [MySpace]
Buy the album Scarecrow [PayPal] [Amazon] [Amazon mp3] [iTunes]

Steve Winham – Alone
[website] [MySpace]
Buy the album Where Now? [PayPal] [Townsend Records] [iTunes]

Owen O Mahoney – Iceland [acoustic live session]
[website] [MySpace]
The single Iceland will be released in November 2009
Visit Hamfatter’s [website]

Hamfatter’s second appearance on BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Pete Briley – Semantics
[website] [MySpace] [facebook] [twitter]
Tin Robot Records
Buy the single Semantics [iTunes]

Antiqcool – Love Light
[MySpace] [Garageband]
Buy the album Songs of Hope and Dispair [CD Baby] [Amazon MP3]
Buy the new EP Resonant String Theory [Amazon MP3] [Last FM]

Dan Elson – Kicking Off
[MySpace] [Channel 4]
Buy the brand new EP [email]

Colin Pollock – A Little Piece Of You
[website] [MySpace]
Buy the album Long Gone [ CD Baby] [iTunes]

Shardick’s Walkman – Wavertree Road

[Jamendo] [Indiestore]

[Theme tune]
Andrew Ellis – Blind Mary

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