Show 120 – Titanic struggle

Show 120 – Titanic struggle – has been a real tough show to get together, mainly because I’ve been so busy building the new website for Liverpool Acoustic and the time just seemed to slip away… But I made it in the end, in the week of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, so let’s hope this show stays afloat. There’s a Hopping All Over The World journey to countries beginning with P and Q, and a couple of tracks topical for the month of April. Ready? Let’s go!

To play click the player below or right-click Show 120 to download.
61.5mb – 64 mins

Jonnie Murphy – Holding Out For Spring
Buy the 6 track album Open Up [Bandcamp]
via Paul Castle at

Hopping all over the world – P is for Portugal
Vitor Cunha – Angelina
Buy Vitor’s music from his website

Jim From The Moon – I Like You More Than I’d Like To
From the EP The Year I Grew My Hair Real Long

Josienne Clark & Ben Walker – Silver Dagger 
Buy the album The Seas Are Deep [Bandcamp]

Thanks to Tinker Mal and Panxty Gramster from Under the Mason’s Apron for providing me with the promo copy of the album, and congratulations one one year of the show.

Jordan Reyne – London
Buy the album Children of a Factory Nation [Bandcamp]

The Fire Poet – St George’s Day

Will Richards – I Still Love You England
Buy the album One More Chance [website] [CD Baby]

Hopping all over the world – Q is for Qatar
Cronkite Satellite – Slow Down Your Hurries
Buy the album What’s Your Hurry [CD Baby] [AmazonMP3] [iTunes]
Thanks to my good friend Lorelei Loveridge for finding a Q for Qatar!

The World Citizens – You Will Be Here A While
From the forthcoming album Looking But Not Seeing

Babajack – Sunday Afternoon
Buy the fantastic new album Rooster [website] [CD Baby] [Amazon] [iTunes]

Relig Oran – Farewell to Chatham
From the sold out EP Tracks From The Dark Side

[Theme tune] Andrew Ellis – Blind Mary
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