Show 126 – Ding dong

Show 126 – Ding dong – No, this isn’t Avon calling, it’s a reference to a certain 52 second song that reached No 2 in the UK singles chart this week and which the controller of BBC Radio 1 didn’t have the guts to play in full. Yes, you might have noticed that Margaret Thatcher has passed away, and this show will be paying its own tribute with a very special song from Chumbawamba.

I’m no longer going to apologise for the long breaks between shows. New editions of the It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast will come out as and when I can find time to do them. If you’re having withdrawal symptoms and want to hear my voice on a regular basis then you should be listening to the twice-monthly Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight!

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1. Richard Jacobs – Anything For You
Download Richard’s music [Bandcamp]

2. Melissa VanFleet – Martyr
Buy the new EP Stars In My Eyes [iTunes]

3. Eva Abraham – Cold Light
Buy the album Cold Light [website] [iTunes]

4. Gavin Kaufman – Fall In
Buy the single Fall In [iTunes]

5. I Am A Street Artist – Track 5

6. The James Clarke Institute – Monstrous
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Buy the album Sideshow Unattraction [website]

7. Dave Gerard & the Watchmen – Brother
Buy the album I Climbed A Tree [Bandcamp]

8. Jezz Hall – Solid Ground
Buy the album Silhouette Man [Folkwit]

9. Fitz. – Caves
Download a free EP from Fitz.’s website
Buy the album Caves [Bandcamp] [iTunes] [Amazon]

10. Chumbawamba – Ring The Bells! / Waiting For Margaret To Go
From the exclusive EP In Memoriam… Margaret Thatcher
Buy Chumbawamba’s music [website] [iTunes] [Amazon]

Listen to Folkcast‘s special show ‘Margaret Thatcher: Thank you for the music’ only on mixcloud.

I Am A Street Artist – Twilight


Theme tune: Andrew Ellis – Blind Mary
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It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast show 125 – instrumental rewind XI

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