Show 128 – 8th Podiversary

Show 128 is my 8th podiversary show, celebrating eight years since I published Show 0 on 14th July 2006. I’m now what they call a seasoned podcaster and am one of only a handful of people who started podcasting in 2005/6 and are still podcasting today. For this show I’ve pulled together eight songs from the past eight years that I’ve particularly enjoyed playing. I hope you enjoy listening to them too.

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Bagas Degol – Bodmin Dubbing
From Show 21 – St George’s Day Special (23 April 2007)

The D’Archetypes – Man Bag
Download the track on a ‘name your price’ basis [Bandcamp]
From Show 34 – Got a man bag? (12 September 2007)

The Babel Fish Project – Green Grow The Rashes
From Show 72 – Hopping all over the world (7 January 2009)

Ruth Theodore – Grounded
[website] [River Rat Records]
Buy the CD Worm Food [River Rat Records]
From Show 69 – Ooh er, Missus! (3 December 2008)

Leon Rosselson – Bad Driver
Buy the CD Harry’s Gone Fishing [Fuse Records] [Amazon]
From Show 49 – Bank Holiday road special (21 March 2008)

The Old Dance School – John Ball
Buy the album Forecast from the band or [iTunes] [Amazon]
From Show 112 – Five years and counting (14 July 2011)

Great Big Sea – Walk On The Moon
[website] [facebook]
Buy the CD Fortune’s Favour [here]
From Show 86 – Man on the moon (7 July 2009)

Piefinger – The Other Side Of The Morning
Taken from the CD “Where You Might Go” available from the band’s website
Buy their new album A Countryman’s Favour [Amazon]






Show 128 – 8th Podiversary


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