Show 133 – Recently Added


Show 133 – Recently Added – features eight song from my ‘recently added’ music in iTunes on my iPhone.

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42 mins – 41mb

1. Merry Hell – Summer Is A-Comin’
Buy the album The Ghost In Our House and Other Stories from the band’s website

2. Josh Harty – Wired
Buy the new album Holding On from Josh’s website

3. The Glass Child – Dark Love (Stripped Version)
Buy the new album Under Northern Skies from Charlotte’s website

4. Caroline England – Crashing Down
Buy the new album Faking Wonderful from Caroline’s website.

5. Nick Ellis – Presence
Buy the EP Grace & Danger from Mellowtone Records

6. Windmill – Blind
Buy the new album Wanderlust from iTunes and Amazon

7. Leon Rosselson – I’m Going Where The Suits Will Shine My Shoes
Buy Leon’s final album Where Are The Barricades? from his website

8. Tom Speight – Little Love
Buy the Little Love EP from iTunes and Amazon


Neil Campbell – Tabula Rasa Suite III
Buy Neil’s music from


Theme tune: Andrew Ellis – Blind Mary
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It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast Show 133 – Recently Added

Show 109 – The Christmas Cracker

Show 109 – The Christmas Cracker – brings you a mix of seasonal and non-seasonal acoustic tracks from across the UK that will hopefully spread a little Christmas cheer during this cold, icy and snowy winter.

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The Banana Sessions – Don’t Lose Your Mind (It’s Christmas Time)
[website] [MySpace] [PMN]
Buy the The Buckfast Pilgrimage [Ten Tracks]

Will Richards – You Always Do
[website] [MySpace] [facebook]
Buy the album One More Chance [band] [CD Baby] [iTunes]

Marc Reeves – Prayer
[website] [facebook] [MySpace]
Buy the new album Perfectly Fine [bandcamp] [CD Baby] [iTunes] [Amazon MP3

England & Alman – Silent Night
[Caroline England]
Buy the single [iTunes]

Dropkick – Up On The Hill 
[website] [MySpace]
Buy the 25th December EP [iTunes] [AmazonMP3]

The Occasional Orchestra – Raining Through The Queen’s Speech
[MySpace] [facebook]
Download the track for free [BigUntidy]

James Corachea – Confidence
Buy the EP Confidence [bandcamp]

Shagpile – Silent Night 
[website] [facebook] [MySpace]
Buy the album Easy To Read [iTunes]

Ken Nicol – Good King Wenceslas (Christmas medley) 
[website] [music website] [MySpace]
Buy the Christmas album Tidings [here]
Listen to Ken on [Folkcast][Folkcast on MySpace]

Luke Jackson – Christmas Doesn’t Cost A Dime (chill out mix)
[website] [facebook] [MySpace] [YouTube]
Buy the single in aid of Cystic Fybrosis Trust [iTunes]

Cross The Border – Winter Song 
[website] [MySpace]
Buy the EP [bandcamp]

Great Big Sea – Walk On The Moon
[website] [Music Alley] [MySpace] [facebook]
Buy the CD Fortune’s Favour [here]

Shagpile – Silent Night

see playlist above for details

[Theme tune] Andrew Ellis – Blind Mary
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Show 40 – November songs

Show 40 – November songs – contains seven mellow songs for the month of November.

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Nelson King – Chance
website] [MySpace] [MySpace2]
Buy the CD ‘Ideas, Ideals, Thoughts and Songs’ [

The Morrisons – John Ray
website] [MySpace]
CDs available from [
Golden Pathway Records]

Cross The Border – Ghost

Leon Rosselson – She Came From Out Of Nowhere
website] [MySpace]
Buy the CD Harry’s Gone Fishing [
Fuse Records] [CD Baby] [Amazon]

Caroline England
website] [MySpace]
Buy the EP Comforting Words [
CD Baby] [iTunes]

Neil Campbell and Nicole Collarbone – November Song
Neil [
website] [MySpace]
Buy the CD Fall [
CD Baby] [iTunes] []

Ken Campbell – Tune For November
website] [MySpace] [PMN]
Buy the Hand Pict CD [
CD Baby] [] [Amazon]
Download the song November for free [

[Bedding track]
Seven Languages – Shalom Aleichem Shifting Sands

[Theme tune]
Andrew Ellis – Blind Mary
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